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Brinklow                                                                                                  Tel: 07271 97234                                                                                                               Email: buildourhall.wss.ac.uk

Dear Sir or madam.
I am writing on a behalf of all te people that goes to the "Cala del Pi" beac to tell about our campaign to save the beach.

As a result of the council's failure to save the beack, we have started a campaign no to make it private. We are organizing a demostrating in the street with a lots of banners and then contact with the media, and to raise money for the beack, we decided to do a little consert.

In order to publicize our campaign, we would be very grateful if your newspaper could write an article about the consert. The consert starts at 8:00 p.m. on Friday 19th. Please contact me on the number or email given above to discuss further details. 

Thank you very much. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Yours faithfully.

Jana Díaz  

martes, 23 de mayo de 2017


In the glory days of the Elisabeth theatre, two plawrights were fighting it out for audiences. That was the story tat wxplains the film. The time of that fil, was in 1998, it was a Britis-American romantic comedy-drama film. 

The century of the film was the 16th, in this century; it was five different queens, te different wives of Henry VIII, but the first was the mother of Henry VIII, the wife of Henry VII, Elisabeth of York.
In this time, apart from Shakespeare, tere are more writers, like Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Kyd and Ben Jonson. 

The plot of that story was that William Shakespeare was a poet, an actor and a playwright wose now hasn't got ideas for write. He is looking for a muse who will inspire him; all the intens fail, until he met Viola. 

miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017


Paragraph 1
  1. What was happening just before the crime?
My mum stay in a bar drinking a coffee.
  1. Who was there?
Only my mum.
  1. What were they doing?
She leave the hand bag in the chair.

Paragraph 2
  1. What was the crime?
A robbery of my mum’s hand bag
  1. Who did it?
A boy who is in the table next to my mum.
  1. What did other people do while it was happening?
Nothing because anyone saw that moment.

Paragraph 3
  1. What did people do after the crime happened?
My mother either does noting because she was noticed after a while.

When my mum who was drinking a coffee couldn’t find her hand bag, she decided to report it to the police immediately. It wasn’t clear it he hand bag was lost or stolen.
One thieve had stolen a hand bag of a clueless woman and then he spent all the money for dope and illegals weapons.
In the end, my mother was not able to do anything more because the police told him that it was too late to do something. But she gave a low all their credit-cards.



Are you a good brother / sister? Complete the survey questions to find out. Decide if you agree or desagree. Then find out what your answers mean.

  1. If your brother needed help with a personal problem, I would happily help and listen all her problem for fix it.

agree disagree

  1. If your brother have a problem with your parents, I would help him and say that you are the guilty.

                                                   agree disagree

  1. If your brother go to a trip for a lots of days, I would say goodbye and kis him.

                                                        agree disagree

  1. If your brother needed a book, a pen, etc., I would happily lend it to him.
                                                             agree disagree

If you agree with most of the sentences, then you are obviously a enerous, loyar and great brother or sister. If you disagree, maybe you can use this survey to learn how to become a better brother or sister!


  1. Match the two sentences in the following lists:

1. Christmas a. send 1.6 billion greeting cards at Christmas.
2. Americans b. is celebrated by many Afro-Americans.
3. The Revolution Cycling c. Pudding Race is on 3 December in London.
4. Kwanzaa d. Champions League can be watched in London.
5. Maple syrup e. comes from the sap of the maple tree.

  1. Read the texts more carefully and answer the following questions:
1. When does the Great London Christmas Pudding Race take place? 3rd of December
2. How many Christmas cards do Americans send at Christmas? Americans send at Christmas 1,6 bilions cards.
3. When is the Revolution Cycling Champions League final? On 2 and 3 December
4. Who was born on 2 December? Britney Spears
5. How long does Kwanzaa last. From 26 December to 1 January. (one week)
6. How many copies were sold of the last Harry Potter book in the first 72 hours? 680.000

3.Complete the following sentences with the correct names.

1. Moana is a girl who sees that her island is in danger.
2. Félicie is an orphan girl in the film Ballerina.
3. The army of stormtroopers and Darth Vader star in the new Rogue One film.
4. Luna is a 16 year old girl who moves with her family to Buenos Aires.
5.Joanne is the title of Lady Gaga’s new album.

4.Read the texts again more carefully and answer the following questions:

1. What is in danger in the film Moana? Her island
2. What does Félicie dream of becoming? Becoming a prima ballerina and goes to Paris
3. Where does the film Rogue One come of the Star Wars saga? Darth Star
4. Where does Luna move from? From Mexico
5. What kind of sounds does Lay Gaga’s album have?
6. Who are Twenty One Pilots? An american duo
7. How many number one songs does The Weeknd have? 2

5.True or false? If they are false you must correct them.
  1. Lady Gaga’s new album is called Marianne Joanne. False
  2. It is Lady Gaga’s fourth album. True
  3. Twenty One Pilots make a mix of rap and electropop pop and hard-core. False
  4. They say they want to make music that makes people think. True
  5. The Weeknd has a new album called Starboy Moonboy. False
  6. French electronic duo Daft Punk Rinocerose produced the album. False


6.Read the pages carefully to answer the following questions:
1. When is “Drake Day”? 10 June
2. What is Drake’s hometown city? Toronto, Canada
3. What does he mix in his vocals? His Canadian accent with a Caribbean pronunciaton
4. What does the media say about him? Said he is depressed
5. When did he get a role in a Canadian TV series? When he was 15 years old
6. What is he worried about? About ethnic minorities in the USA

I LOVE ENGLISH February 2017

Pages 4-5

1. Match the words in the following lists.
1. Mardi Gras festivities a. is celebrated on February 15.
2. Black History Month b. are very long in New Orleans.
3. National Gumdrop Day c. celebrates its twelfth birthday this month.
4. NBA All-Star Game d. recognizes the struggle of African-Americans in the USA.
5. Facebook e. takes place on February 19.

2. READ the texts more carefully and answer the following questions:
1. Where is Mardi Gras celebrated? In New Orleans, USA
2. What is organized on Black History Month? Exhibitions and events
3. Who decorates cookies and cupcakes with gumdrops? Americans
4. What did the teenage boy give to every girl in his school on Valentine’s Day?one flower, carnations
5. How many likes have been generated by Facebook users? 4 million
6. Where do the Oscars take place? In Hollywood, USA

Pages 6-7
3. True, false or doesn’t say
Read pages 6-7 more carefully and decide if the following sentences are true or false or doesn’t say. If they are false, correct them:

1. In The Lego Batman Movie Batman has two three missions. F
2. xXx: Return of Xander Cage has a lot of special effects. T
3. La La Land has animals, boxing and drama. DS
4. A Series of Unfortunate Events is based on the 13 books by Lemony Snicket life of Lemony Snicket. F
5. Alicia Keys has released a new album called Here. T
6. Iggy Azalea is a Australian Canadian rapper. F
7. Major Lazer’s new album is called Music is the Weapon Reason. F

PEOPLE: Charlie Puth
Pages 8-9

4.Read the text in order to find the answers to the following questions.

1. How old was Charlie Puth when his mom taught him to play piano? 4 years old
2. Does he write his own songs? yes
3. What kind of music does he make? Pop
4. Does he like Marvin Gaye? yes
  1. Where does he make his music? Inhis liitlle laptop
  2. Does his family treat him differently for being famous? no

5.Read pages 8-9 more carefully and then complete the following sentences with a word from these pages:

1. When he was 4, his mom taught him to play piano.
2. His parents are his greatest influence.
3. He has been more ____cc______out of the USA than in the USA.
4. He is working on new album.
5. He would love to give a concert in France.

REPORT: The Yukon Quest
Pages 11-13

6. Complete the following sentences:
1. The Yukon Quest is the ultimate winter challenge.
2. It races over an area bigger than France.
3. The teams spend around two weeks battling through snowstorms.
4. Each musher pays 2,000$ to participate.
5. Dogs need every day 10,000 calories from food.
6. Vets are attracted to the race for the adventure and the joy of working with strong.
7. Mushers have one sled which they repair if it breaks.
8. 25,000$ was the prize money for the winner in 2016.

LOOK!: The Super Bowl
Pages 14-15

9. Match the following sentences:
1. Every February a) four hours.
2. Two teams of 11 players b) five million dollars for 30 seconds.
3. The first Super Bowl c) Americans watch the game of the National Football League.
4. For some people d) was in 1967.
5. The game lasts e) play on a rectangular field.
6. TV commercials cost f) the halftime show is more important than the football!
Pages 16-17

10.Answer the questions:
  • Can anybody play Minecraft? yes
  • How many two principal modes does Minecraft have? 2
  • Do Minecraft players form an active network? Yes, they do
  • What are “Minecons”? Passionate minecraft fans meet once a year at convention.
  • Do teachers think that Minecraft helps children to be creative? Yes, they do

Pages 18-19

11.Reorder the letters of the words in order to find the answers to the definitions.
1.A participant who parachutes from high objects S E A B M P R E U J base
2. A tape used to obstruct access R I E B A R R P E A T barrier tape
3. The act of marrying D I D G N E W wedding
4. From the earliest known period A L B A R I G O I N aboriginal
5. A supplementary part C C E S A O R Y S accessory
12.Read the texts more carefully and choose the correct word in each sentence:
1. The base jumpers usually jump off HILLS / CLIFFS.
2. You can put he barrier tape in your KITCHEN / BEDROOM.
3. The mad house in Siberia is CONFUSING / SOOTHING.
4. Getting married with so many other couples must be PEACEFUL / CRAZY.

5. An Australian man made an incredible DISCOVERY / RECOVERY.